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Green Gessi, Design for nature


In today's world, designs cannot just be based on aesthetics, ergonomics, functionality and the ability to manuacture the product. Rather, today's designs must take social values ​​and concerns into account: the environment, energy resources and new ways of living, as well as new individual and collective needs.

Today, technology has provided us with new tools that allow us to develop a better relationship with the objects and to maximize the individual's sense of well-being within the environment. People are always at the centre of each project. Technology and ecology represent today's new challenge.

In recognition of its responsibility towards society as a whole, Gessi constantly does its best to safeguard the health of its workers, to ensure environmental compatibility, to guarantee the highest standards of quality and safety for its production processes and products, to ensure that water and other valuable resources are used in a responsible and sustainable manner and to guarantee that the Company's ethical principles are faithfully observed.

Gessi has adopted sustainability as the cornerstone of its design and production system. It is an integral part of the values​​, the culture, the creativity, the technology and the entrepreneurship of the company, and is fundamental to all of its planning, production and control decisions.

Gessi's challenge is based on the concept of reducing its ecological and social footprint upon the Earth by improving the environmental and social performance of its products, both during production and during their use on behalf of the final consumer, through innovations in working methods, behaviour and the business management systems.

This commitment takes on the form of continuous research, aimed at developing designs of exceptional aesthetic levels, using materials of the highest quality with the guarantee of meticulous Italian workmanship, and improving the safety and sustainability of the products and the production processes using technical and technological solutions. Research is also dedicated to optimizing energy and water use, eliminating pollution and promoting more environmentally friendly consumption and lifestyle models.

This special attention has been best summarized in the Company's motto "made ​​with love".

In addition to the ingenious technological solutions that have been adopted in relation to the products' functionality, such as flow reducing cartridges, precision mixers and systems for signalling water temperature, Gessi's commitment to environmental sustainability drives the Company to focus primarily upon the materials.
Instead of traditional and more generalized fusion techniques, nearly all Gessi products are manufactured by processing brass bars of low lead content.
Despite being more expensive and requiring higher levels of expertise, this exclusive process, which is conceptually quite similar to sculpture, guarantees absolutely perfect lines, shapes and sharp edges, which are fundamental to Gessi's exclusive designs, while preventing any potentially harmful substances from being released by the metal into the water.

The Company is not only concerned with the production of environmentally friendly products, but is also dedicated to efficient manufacturing techniques, which Gessi likes to refer to as eco-efficiency.

In fact, Gessi takes into account the energy that is incorporated within each product and the materials that, during the production stages, require less power. If they are produced in a more efficient manner, or with renewable energy, they have a lower environmental impact and, according to the principles of green production, are preferable to others.

Gessi is, first and foremost, a mechanical workshop of significant size and with highly advanced equipment. It must face all of the technical, technological and logistical problems associated with these activities. These are particularly stringent for a company that, like Gessi, does not only aim to satisfy the requirements of the UNI standards, but exceed them.

Gessi is dedicated to finding a complete, aesthetically pleasing, technically focused and environmentally friendly solution to each of these problems.

The Company's particular needs in terms of environmental protection, worker safety and overall aesthetics, have led the design team to lay down precise instructions for our technical partners, including some of the best systems technology suppliers, who have been engaged in the development of ad hoc systems that are specifically designed to meet Gessi's requirements.


Many technical solutions have been inspired by these directives. These include high-efficiency lighting equipment that guarantees a perfect view of the ground, with maximum use of natural light, ventilated eco-thermal panel systems, the Company's true pride, which guarantee perfect insulation and air circulation, with minimal heating costs and maximum comfort levels for the workers, the intelligent heating/cooling system, regulated based on the number and variable positions of the people in the facility's various areas to ensure high performance with the necessary attention to fuel economy; indoor air quality control with computerized systems that provide for excellent performance by means of heat recovery and reuse, with great attention to energy efficiency and atmospheric emissions; and finally, the solar energy systems.
In fact, the Company has installed 4 hectares of photovoltaics, with one of the most innovative and advanced rooftop solar energy systems, that began producing "clean" energy at the end of 2010 and will prevent thousands of tons of CO2 from being dispersed into the atmosphere.

Gessi was the first in Europe to develop "pilot" systems that allow for nearly all of the water used by the Company to be recycled: from the drainage of groundwater and its reuse for irrigation purposes, to the collection, purification and recycling of process water.

The technical solutions department is the Company's pride and joy, one of only a few in Italy. Thanks to an extremely advanced, closed-circuit wastewater treatment plant, the department completely recycles all of the water that arrives in the department itself.

Gessi's entire production process has been designed with special attention to the environment and to the workers; the concept of sustainability has been integrated into every aspect of the structure and is manifested at various levels. It even involves educating the Company's personnel about the values ​​of environmental protection, supplier selection, the close monitoring of renewable energy sources, emissions and waste reduction, recycling and waste disposal, the use of environmentally friendly products, and the research and development of products made using materials of low environmental impact.

Numerous environmental efforts can be found throughout the Gessi Park, including low-impact electric vehicles or bicycles for transportation and purified recycled water to irrigate the greenery of the park itself.

The awareness and responsibility with which the Company's growth has been pursued have shown remarkable sensitivity with respect to environmental protection, leading the Company to obtain the coveted UNI EN ISO 14001 environmental certification. Gessi was one of the first companies to be certified with the new edition of the standard.

The Company's commitment to optimizing its processes and minimizing waste and inefficiency involves every level of the organization through an Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System. Gessi was one of the pioneers in what has now become a legal requirement. In many cases, it surpasses levels of environmental awareness and personnel required by current standards and certification bodies.

100% of the electricity used by Gessi for its activities is exclusively produced from renewable sources, without the use of any fossil fuel and with no emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Four acres of photovoltaic surface are installed, with one of the most innovative and advanced power generation roof system in Italy, thus avoiding the emission of about a thousand tons of CO2 each year. Moreover, the rest of the electricity used by Gessi and the other companies of the Group, is generated by certified green energy facilities, which means exclusively from renewable sources (solar, wind, hydroelectric, thermal).

Each kWh used by the Group is certified by a Guarantee of Origin.

The choice of using 100% green energy by a verifiable and certified process of production and purchasing makes Gessi a TOTAL GREEN company, which virtuously accomplishes the total CO2 abatement going far beyond the previsions of the Kyoto Protocol, which expects a reduction of 20%.

The Company's commitment to the environment extends to the surrounding landscape. In fact, the architectural elements, lighting systems and building materials all employ solutions that are unique for an industrial facility and aesthetically blend into the surrounding environment.
These sustainable architectural solutions are the fruits of aesthetic and technological research. The result is the use of materials such as stone, wood and glass, which possess remarkable powers of expression and, together, are capable of providing for exceptional levels of functional performance.

Despite being its most evident aspect, the Park's "green" image is not the project's most salient feature. Rather, the environmental sustainability of the project itself is based on innovative and technological choices that are absolutely unique throughout the industrial landscape, most of which cannot be seen.

Environmental protection is taken into consideration at an early stage in the development of each process and product. It is seen by the Company as a mission in relation to its customers, as well as a commitment to creating a mindset by which the choice itself comes to be considered as a "natural requirement" by everybody.

Unfortunately, consumers and even product distribution specialists are often not aware of where and how the products are manufactured. Their information is often limited to the external aspects of design and, in the best cases, of extrinsic quality.

The soul of the product, or rather its intrinsic qualities and intangibles, such as low environmental impact, the safety of the people who manufacture it, and even the end users of the product itself, are aspects that have been neglected for far too long and are just now beginning to draw a fair amount of interest on behalf of consumers.

For some time, Gessi has been committed to raising awareness of environmental sustainability on behalf of its counterparts so that they, in turn, will learn to convey the added value to the end user, such as the quality and safety of ethical and sustainable production and the significant difference with respect to products of lower cost, but with a greater human and environmental impact. The end consumer must be allowed to make an informed choice, based on the socio-environmental quality of the product.
That's why Gessi promotes tours of its own Park. These, more than any other form of communication, allow visitors to appreciate the value of the products that Gessi manufactures.
The Company's objective is to promote an authentic Green Economy model, capable of generating a profound awareness of this new culture amongst the industry's architects, engineers and technicians.

Gessi also intends to call upon the end consumer to be conscientious by choosing ethical products and by using them in the most appropriate and responsible manners on a daily basis (without necessarily changing their own habits), with the goal of reducing their consumption of energy and water, which has now become a precious commodity.

For Gessi, innovation does not just mean inventing new aesthetic solutions, but is aimed at making dreams come true and satisfying people's needs, even those of future generations, with new technologies, new production processes and new materials. Together with the uniqueness of its design and technology, the true added value of the Gessi brand is its holistic component.