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Focus on WBF 2011

During these two days, we thoroughly analised the economical and social rules of the New World we are living and focused on the necessary skills to have a New Management, able to face the new decade challenges.
Too often, when we have to make strategic decisions regarding our companies, we rely on magazines and television rather than attending events like the WBF, where Nobel laureates and economic authorities show us, without neither censure nor conditioning, how the upcoming future will be.
We are sure that such an experience cannot give anything but a clear world vision and lead to new ideas that, if applied, can make the difference on the market. Book, right now, in order to attend the 2011 WBF.

What is WBF?

An experience of change for leaders who are goal-oriented; a platform of ideas and trends that define the business future.
The annual meeting for people who do business, create opportunities and lead world changes.
2 days
2000 executives
8 extraordinary speakers
High Performance Leadership
Team and talents management
Global leadership challenges
New innovation models

Why WBF?

4 good reasons to attend:
The opportunity to meet and listen to speakers of great experience.
2) days of updating on the basic management topics: from leadership to execution, from strategy to economics.
A discussion about current and urgent subjects: financial and political crisis, energy policies, future of globalization.
The World Business Forum is the most important meeting for senior executives in Italy.
80 % of the participants belongs to the top management of companies working in different fields.