The philosophy of Emporio Gessi is of an affordable design. Design by embedding a content of art in everyday use objects, is to be a central factor in the development of home furnishings that be at a time beautiful and functional. Gessi aims to improve the lives of the users of its creations by making their homes and daily gestures more pleasant and comfortable. The line Emporio Gessi is inspired by Italian ready-to-wear fashion, which stands as a perfect combination of beauty and functionality. Emporio Gessi, which is strictly produced in Italy within the zero environmental impact Gessi Park, combines formal research and optimization of production processes, with a great attention to the environment. The sustainability of the product is considered functional to an affordable yet stunning design.

The public can recognize in Rettangolo a meaning, a part of their own personality, an experience they want to add to their own house and life. “From where do I want water to be distributed?” From the floor, the counter, the wall, the ceiling? Gessi, with Rettangolo, created this pleasant dilemma in interior designers. The unedited floor standing, wall mounted and ceiling-mounted Rettangolo taps with their multitude of models, versions, and coordinated modular elements opened the way to complete freedom in the design of the bathroom. Every homeowner could finally tune the furnishings to his peculiar taste, becoming the true creator of his living space.


Gessi’s Innovative “Finox Brushed Nickel” finishing makes Gessi’s creations premium products in the industry. The fascinating “stainless steel” look of this finishing requires that a 6 micron nickel layer and a 0,3 micron Finox layer are deposited. This is the maximum thickness available on the market and it prevents any corrosion for an everlasting beauty of the mixer.


Though polished, high-gloss finishes and gleaming white hues have been dominating kitchen and bath design for some time, dark matte finishes continue to come on strong as one of the biggest trends since 2016. Gessi offers the ideal option for achieving this trend-forward and increasingly popular look with its Via Manzoni Collection, now available in a glamorous matte black finishing. Via Manzoni in its bold and chic matte black finishing can be incorporated into a bathroom interior in so many ways: it can be incredibly dramatic, can act as an accent, or really ground an otherwise airy space. Matte Black Via Manzoni results timeless yet modern at the same time.