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Interior Design Research.
Experimentation on future living


Design has always offered the possibility of reinterpreting spaces in a creative manner.
Gessi's design research, always taking into account the essential living habits of the individual, has made the Company a forerunner in style, and a leading manufacturer of products that explore new, and often original, lifestyle concepts and functions. Gessi is a manufacturer capable of interpreting and anticipating lifestyle changes.

The Company's design solutions contemplate new ways of using water, and redefine the relationships and interactions between the environment, the individual and the water itself.

The search for personal fulfilment alters our relationship with our homes, leading us to redevelop the functional spaces of our living areas. Today, due to the concentration of technology, available materials and possibilities of expression, kitchens and bathrooms occupy a significant percentage of a housing project. Here Gessi has provided a great contribution with its own creations and is well aware there is still much more to be invented.
For these environments Gessi experiments with new design languages that often draw their origins from other parts of the home, or domesticate professional tools used in other contexts.

For the bathroom, this has resulted in the advanced features in the Private Wellness Program shower system, which provide the benefits and treatments of a private spa within the home itself. The Hi-Tech faucet line, which draws upon the industrial kitchen, can now be enjoyed within the home kitchen environment.

Also in the kitchen, Gessi has combined aesthetic design with extremely innovative technological solutions, resulting in faucets with original swivel spouts, that also offer various new features such as dispensing purified and/or carbonated water, or reduced water and energy consumption.
With these tools, the kitchen becomes an area perfect for social gatherings, as well as a high-tech and designer laboratory. Thanks to a range of new products or a reinterpretation of old ones, the bathroom is pushed beyond its traditional function as a purely utilitarian environment void of any aesthetic significance, becoming a true private spa where the user spends quality time dedicated to physical and mental wellbeing.

With changing lifestyles that cannot be standardized and are increasingly based on the concept of "flexible behaviour", the design of a dwelling can overlap between residential and recreational, social, wellness and work activities.
The home is an ever changing "scenario", open to a variety of different uses.

The principle of functional segregation is surpassed, tearing down the walls between the various "rooms" dedicated to cooking, dining, socializing, hygiene and relaxation.

Gessi envisions access to the utility and pleasure of water from outside of the usual environments, creating a hybridization of the spaces between the kitchen and the living areas: a fascinating concept that can be applied elsewhere. The bathroom becomes part of the bedroom, detaching itself from the plumbing fixtures; fitness and wellness equipment, once prerogatives of spas and gyms, are relocated to a dedicated space within the house. The extended kitchen, with the complete delocalization of its various functions, is the last step towards an overall open space environment. Anything is possible, anywhere.

As a creator of functional lifestyle and wellness tools, Gessi offers programs that combine image, technology and sustainability in an innovative manner, in order to provide for multifunctional and versatile spaces.

Gessi is inventing a new and free lifestyle, in which faucets gives off light and lamps dispense water.
The award-winning Goccia project of 2010, renamed the "living room faucet", brings water to unpredictable "living" environments, with original placement and splendid design.

Gessi believes the ​​home is meant to express the life and vitality of each individual. The Company is dedicated to satisfying the desire for complete freedom in home furnishings, allowing for the personalization and customization of every environment.

Thanks to the numerous variables included within every Gessi line, with modular elements that can be mixed and matched in countless ways, each homeowner can modify and shape a living area to his/her own image, becoming the true architect of the living environment.

The frenetic pace of work and daily life have reduced the availability of time and altered the natural dimensions of our living areas. Consequently there is an increased demand for higher quality personal living spaces, capable of offering rewarding and rejuvenating experiences.
Gessi designs its furnishing elements aware of a desire for "experientialism".
Its design focuses on placing the body at centre stage, striving to establish a new balance between aesthetics and functionality.
Attention is paid not only to the shapes of the objects, but also to their materials and the special finishing treatments that render the bathroom products pleasant to touch and to feel.
Gessi's research is directed towards the development of wellness systems that ensure low water and energy consumption, ease of installation (even in tight spaces) and truly beneficial and easily accessible functions, with the aim of bringing the benefits of hydrotherapy treatments to private homes, where they can be enjoyed at any time.

The modular elements' freedom of design and the choice of shower functions justifies the name "Private Wellness". It conveys a concept of wellbeing that can be customized and enjoyed within the privacy of one's own home.

Those who, like Gessi, are dedicated to designing the luxury bathrooms and homes of today and tomorrow, place a great deal of focus on the comfort and design of bathroom items installed in the home, striving to obtain elements of total wellness and relaxation.
In its continuing commitment to improve everyday life with the beauty of functional furnishing elements, Gessi has even expanded to include the bath linens, small personal accessories and even air fresheners, with totally unique designs and materials, as well as natural styles. Gessi's bathroom product range is not designed merely to furnish, but to dress up the home in contemporary style.