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Production facilities

The Gessi Park occupies 800,000 m2.

In addition to the production facility and the administrative and executive offices, the Park contains a large showroom displaying all of the Company’s designs from the past to the present, a studio equipped with highly advanced tools for producing graphics, prints and videos, an interior design studio, a workshop for processing wood and other materials, installation studios and high-tech conference facilities.

The Gessi Oasis project includes a small residential village and a restored 15th century cottage, which is also situated on the property. The production facilities alone have covered areas of over 70,000 m2 ; the plant alone, the Gessi 2 building, covers 50,000 m2 , Gessi 1 and Gessi 3 buildings summing about 15,000 m2 in surface are destined to offices and special productions and the complex Le Cave is designed for visitors’ lodging and entertainment.

The entire production process is carried out in an integral fashion within the Park itself, including the design, engineering and manufacturing of the products and their components (even the plastic parts), as well as all of the graphic communication and videography. This acts as an assurance of absolute quality, guaranteeing genuine Made in Italy and Made in Gessi products. Each individual product is designed and tested within the Company’s laboratories.

They are only placed on the market after the highest levels of technical and aesthetic perfection have been obtained. The internal testing laboratory is equipped with advanced machinery for carrying out functional tests, as well as rigorous strength, resistance and structural integrity verifications. The prototyping and engineering office is equipped with sophisticated machinery capable of producing resin models of functional faucets in just a few hours.

Here design becomes technique, through simulations that anticipate the product’s launch upon the production lines. With seven immense automated warehouses (for processing equipment, parts, semi-finished components, packaging materials, finished products, mobile shelving and advertising materials), for a total of 100,000 m3, Gessi represents a European case history for investments in logistics.

The facility is even equipped with a computerized system capable of processing orders in real time. The headquarters’ more than 7,000 m2 also house a large showroom. It’s important for customers to have the possibility to view the products in the same place they were originally manufactured. The area, which extends over a surface area of ​​2,000 m2 and exhibits the full range of the Company’s collections is a sort of “experimentation laboratory” in which products are displayed in residential environments and customers and interior designers can interact with the Company and draw inspiration for their own creations.