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Gessi - the Dream Factory

A company's history is often inextricably linked to the history of the place in which it is located and carries out its activities. In these places everything begins: ideas, projects and products. In the case of Gessi, this place is the Gessi Park, a "Dream Factory" designed in every detail to embody the philosophy, the history, and the identity of Gessi: aesthetic design, innovative technology, excellent quality, functionality and simplicity. The Park represents the synthesis of all of the Company's founding values, the Company's genuine DNA.

At the heart of the production facility lies structure harmoniously emerging from the surrounding environment. A far cry from a traditional factory, the Gessi production facility skirts the confines between architecture and land art, becoming a feature of the landscape, embedded as a natural sculpture.

Design is integral to the Company's entire production process. It is its heart and soul and the distinguishing element in everything it does, even its architecture. The same aesthetic characteristics of industrial space have been taken into consideration as functional elements. That is, offering employees a pleasant working environment, a source of positive energy and well-being to be enjoyed by all, a place where work can be carried out in absolute serenity under ideal environmental conditions.

To this end, the architectural elements, lighting systems and building materials all employ solutions that are unique for an industrial facility that aesthetically blend into the surrounding environment. The extensive use of natural materials, like wood and stone, renders the environment warm and welcoming.

Motorcycle and vintage car collections, works of art, designer pieces, antiques and crafts are all scattered throughout the various areas of the Park. The working environment has been furnished with the same passion as a home.

The factory itself is characterized by spacious, bright and clean environments. Shiny brass neatly organized in bars on shelves from which it is collected by robots, silent white machinery, polished floors bustling with the electric carts that are used throughout the facility. A profound cleanliness. An orderliness that makes you forget you're in a factory.

Like the sustained rhythms of production, the abundance of electronics and robotics are lost in the muffled silence of the long corridors and the vast halls of the showrooms. All this is nestled within the backdrop of rolling green hills. Now transformed into a green complex of meadows, woods, streams and ponds, the Park's profound beauty makes it hard to believe that it was once home to a bustling quarry.

The Park even houses smart and experimental technologies for modelling architectural designs to logistics, as well as innovative materials processed using advanced techniques. All are aimed at optimizing resource management and reducing environmental impact in accordance with the principles of environmental sustainability.

Today when production processes are being dislocated and production and marketing activities are moving away, the integrated company model can be found right here.
The park is self-sufficient with vertically integrated work activities, in which professionalism and various experiences find a common home.

Thanks to the facility, the Company's activities, structured by means of careful planning and a modern and efficient organizational model, are lively, active and stimulating, yet at the same time peaceful.

In addition to the heart of the Park, the Company's production activities, its nervous centres are the Styling Office, in which the Collections are conceived of and brought to life, and the Research and Development Centre, which transforms the designers' ideas into iconic and world renowned products.
The enormous showroom is also of fundamental importance; it's a magnificent place in which visitors can fully appreciate the true Gessi spirit. An indispensable stimulus for workers and customers alike.