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Work with Us

With the completion of its production and research site, which took place in 2009, Gessi has created a centre for excellence, as well as numerous opportunities for professional specialization at an international level.

Gessi offers rewarding career opportunities at its main headquarters and its worldwide subsidiaries. The company is looking for motivated individuals who possess the skills, knowledge, motivation, awareness and solid values ​​that are the foundations of its overall success.

Gessi promotes transparent collaboration practices, rewards pragmatism and encourages mutual trust.

Gessi understands that its employees represent the brand, the company and its reputation, and sustains their involvement in the company's objectives through a continuous exchange of knowledge.

The company's Human resource management is based on ethics, fairness, equality and the centrality of the individual. We are concerned with the “happiness” of the employees and we believe that it is necessary to evaluate not only what they can do for the company itself, but also what the company can do for them.

In addition to its considerable investments in work environments that are engaging, safe, enjoyable and respectful of all of the company's employees, Gessi also recognizes the great importance of guaranteeing good working conditions, providing opportunities for personal and professional development and maintaining a business environment that encourages growth and initiative.
The creation of positive social relations is considered fundamental and a great deal of attention is dedicated to teamwork and participatory management.

For a company that considers positive integration within its territory to be a fundamental value, establishing a balance within the territory also provides for a certain harmony between our working lives and our private lives.

For this reason, the company organizes activities and events dedicated to socialization and communication amongst all of its departments. One particularly important event is Gessi Day: the day in which the park is furnished with various forms of entertainment and is open to the family and friends of the company's employees.

Devoting increasingly greater amounts of attention to the individuals, all of whom are considered not only with regard to their professional spheres, but also, and above all, with regard to their human aspects, today Gessi has reaffirmed its central role within its sector, while continuing to focus upon the importance of its employees, which have always been considered the company's most important resource for development and have always received special consideration.
This can also be seen in the organization of high-level training courses, which are aimed not only at improving the employees' skills and competitiveness, but are also aimed at motivating them to improve themselves on a professional and personal level, according to a more “holistic” approach that includes emotional, motivational and ethical components.

People have always been considered as the heart of the company and every action is taken not merely by the individuals, but also for the individuals themselves. In fact, people are recognized as the company's strategic asset and we consider qualities like enthusiasm, pragmatism, encouragement, reliability and creativity as factors that are critical to our success.