Gessi has the merit to have reinterpreted in a completely peculiar way the traditional image of the tap. In so doing, Gessi has anticipated and stimulated a revolution in the vision of the bathroom from utility room to an environment to live and enjoy, to furnish and to personalize. The unprecedented minimalistic rectangular shape Gessi introduced in tap ware in 2002, transformed a daily use object into a small furnishing sculpture. Rettangolo is a design icon, it has the evocative and Gessi, with Rettangolo, created this pleasant dilemma in interior designers.
The unedited floor standing, wall mounted and ceilingmounted Rettangolo taps

with their multitude of models, versions, and coordinated modular elements opened the way to complete freedom in the design of the bathroom. Every homeowner could finally tune the furnishings to his peculiar taste, becoming the true creator of his living space. communicative power of those designs that have become eternal; it has the strength of those well designed, instantly recognizable, innovative, functional, intelligent, discreet, honest, self-explanatory products that are capable of seducing even after decades. The public can recognize in Rettangolo a meaning, a part of their own personality, an experience they want to add to their own house and life.