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Always driven by a visionary and unconventional spirit, Gessi has developed its own distinctive identity over time, focusing not only on the aesthetics and originality of its designs, or the excellence of its production processes and technologies, but also on ethics.

In fact, Gessi has combined the strength of its own designs with the desire to be a different kind of company manufacturing its products in a totally integrated manner with unique techniques. And that's not all. The Company also strives to distinguish itself in how it conveys the meaning of its products, leaving more room for emotion, and by exalting the manners in which they can be enjoyed, not just as material objects, but also as cultural objects, expressions of a value system and the epitome of a unique style of living and working. It is a design that is no longer purely stylistic, but also attempts to create well-being or to convey a positive message.

Its decision to combine the more strictly economic aspects with the ethical, environmental and social aspects, makes Gessi an "ethical" company in the sense that it has decided to take on the full responsibility for an increasingly complex global system loaded with implications.

Today, the Gessi brand is known and appreciated throughout the world as a brand that consumers can relate to because it has succeeded in generating not only style, exclusivity, innovation and superior quality, but also important values, such as awareness, reliability and respect.

The Company's passion for aesthetics and uncompromising quality can be seen throughout its entire business system: the industrial environment of the Gessi Park is atypical and aesthetically pleasing in all of its aspects; even the buildings are bound by the philosophy of beauty and maximum comfort for the workers.

The Park has the look and feel of a dream come true for a more beautiful, more environmentally friendly and more humane industry.