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Environmental System
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Every company activity is carried out according to a code of ethical and social responsibility: Gessi considers its ability to relate to its local environment and the surrounding territory as its primary social responsibility.

The high standards to which the Company holds its products and processes also extend to the structure that houses these processes: the factory. A living and working unit, it projects a positive relationship with the natural environment in which it is situated. Indeed, the complex is a valued factor of quality for the company itself.

Gessi is an example of an industrial development that interacts harmoniously with, and is respectful of, its surrounding environment. The ambitious "company-oasis" project, aimed at aesthetically and productively rehabilitating a quarry site with low-impact facilities immersed in a green park area and restoring ancient abandoned buildings, has now become a reality.

This green setting gives rise to "technologically handcrafted" objects, a subtle oxymoron used to express the unique combination of high-tech manufacturing techniques with the wisdom of passionate craft specialists.

Gessi was a pioneer in what has now become legal requirements. In many cases, it has surpassed the levels of environmental awareness and personnel required by current standards and certification bodies.
The Company is driven by a deep-rooted environmental awareness to promote environmentally friendly behaviour amongst its employees, partners and customers alike.

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