Salvatore Puleo
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Salvatore Puleo (1957), a lover of art in all its forms of expression, just graduated from university, immediately began his professional career within the Sicilian architecture, dealing with the interior design.
He completed his first steps by promoting meetings between communities and local governments through the foundation of the cultural association A SUD DELL’ARCHITETTURA (Sicilians Architects, Designers and Planners) and through the participation in working groups set up by young designers that bring him up to the Salone del Mobile in Milan in 2000 (exhibition "Young Turks" at the Space Q).
From there, in his PLUSTUDIO together with Arch. Angela Catanese, often with the collaboration of young architects, he undertakes a long way towards new forms of architectural experimentation to find the right combination of beauty and functionality.


The extreme care in attention to details mixed with a sophisticated blend of materials gives to his unique style sophistication and elegance, giving rise to rational architecture that stands out for its harmonious correspondence between aesthetics and functionality.
The result is a style that he describes as minimal baroque, in which the heat of the bright, baroque Sicily finds its highest expression next to the purity of simple contemporary lines.
The development of different forms and the extreme attention to details make each piece unique in itself, giving each to space its own unrepeatable entity.
His portfolio is enriched over time of various types of projects involving renovations, new constructions, installations, upgrades where his vocation gives free rein to a continuous experimentation. Shops, offices, villas, new urban spaces, clinics, wineries, museums, hotels are scattered throughout the island and over the Straits.