Marco Torrigiani
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Marco Torrigiani is born in Milano. He graduates in Architecture at Politecnico University of Milan in 1982. He professionally grows up in his dad Dado's studio. Here he follows projects such as Alpiaz Montecampione S.P.A., Complesso Portosole-Sanremo and the turistic settlement of Tabatinga-San Paolo, Brasile.
In 1984 he starts his own professional activity.
He extendes his experience to Nautic Industry, cooperating with Raffaelli from Pesaro and Premare from Sanremo, and specializes himself in Hotel Industry (Hotel EDEN e DE LA PAIX Lugano), Shop Industry (TINCATI Milano, New York, Brescia and Mosca – NADINE Milano) and Residential Industry.
Meanwhile he associates himself to FRIGERIO DESIGN GROUP from Genova. With Enrico Frigerio he starts a strong cooperation, realizing projects for Service Industry (Requalification of Centro Sportivo XXV Aprile Segrate – Complesso La Villetta Idroscalo of Milano - Tessiture of Nosate San Giorgio, Santo Stefano Ticino – Ferdeghini Stadium, La Spezia Soccer team); in 2012 they take part together to the Venice Biennale, International Architecture Exhibition, with two projects.


The approach to each of our projects follows a precise iter both in pubblic and in private field.
It's through the study of places, people, needs and even whims of each customer that we are able to design houses based on real people. We can adapt and organize them according to their needs, just like a tailor would do with a custom-made suit.
The deep knowledge of the final customer and the attempt to get his positive or negative sensations, help us project a house which includes every feature our customer whishes and imagines. The final result is very satisfying.
It is in the research of materials, lights and colours that we find the way to complete our idea. We involve the customer as much as possible, creating a kind of complicity, both in the design and in the decor.
Undoubtably the choice and collaboration of our partners make us more dynamic and creative. Among our partners the name of Gessi stands out without any doubt. In our cooperations Gessi has always proved deep trustability, professionalism and continuing innovation. Thanks to its technology and care of the environment Gessi combines all the features needed to become the “model company” of Made in Italy, on which anybody can rely for any project.