Ido Corradini
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In such an evolving market as the one we are experiencing these days, any professional is supposed to be able to offer tangible quality and surplus value to his customers. Nowadays, more than ever, people need to feel confident. Besides the graphics project, this peculiarity demands for an extra effort to get a good result.
As anybody else, I usually attend all exhibitions and events, leaf through revues and magazines and surf the Internet in order to choose materials and partners. Finally, I need to get in touch with the specific company I choose, to understand if it's really the place for me.
When I had the chance to know Gessi Company's people and products, I discovered another world, such a dynamic and developing context. I believe Gessi is just like a fashion company, where you can find any item, from shoes to foulards, with the same styling. Gessi is the "total look" for the bathroom.
Concern for the environment is a life style to me, even if I fear it is just a fashion for many. Whenever I chose a company, I pay attention to its green policy. This is one of the reasons why I embraced Gessi, particularly keen on the protection of the environment.