Caberlon Caroppi
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Our research is focused on living the moment of the architecture, the place, the event, the step. “Designing time” is an interesting and exciting challenge, especially if lived through the eyes of the user. We aim to give our client and its customers the role of an actor, not that of a spectator. Hotels, restaurants, shops, showrooms, stands, cinemas are just a few of the places where we regularly encounter “carpe diem” but does not always leave us with a trace, a memory.

What we try to achieve in our projects is to create an atmosphere, an emotion, to leave a sign of passage: a memory. Our activity focuses on these spaces: furnishings, lighting, materials and colours are the basis for our research. We work to ensure that our final spectators perceive and interact with the space that we have built for them as they pass through.
Experience, specialisation and professionalism are the essential ingredients for good work.

We believe that in our sector the most important aspect for a hotel project is to start from the "genius loci": from the relationship with the local area, local traditions and history. In an effort to identify the social-cultural, architectural, language and customs features that characterise a place, an environment or a city.

Our role as a projects Studio must not only focus on the interior but we must also provide our client with complete support: to create a product that ensures a profitable investment. Making a mistake in one bathroom in a hotel project may also mean replicating the same error in 300.

When we project a new hotel we choose Gessi for the bathrooms because it has always been recognized as the epitome of Italian style and design.
The relationship we have with the company's people, their flexibility and availability have allowed through time to build an effective partnership method that starts from an analysis of the needs and the ability to know how to meet them; not only from the economic point of view but also and above all from the design point of view. This adds to the closeness of Gessi designs to our style.
Gessi is a guarantee for us, an absolutely reliable partner with whom we will always be willing to work.