Antonio Iraci
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In the life and creations of Antonio Iraci, all is evolving, nothing is static, and nothing is heavy.
“We practice Architecture with a capital A – said the architect – we design, build, dirty our hands in the construction site. I don’t like who does only interior design for example, of just gardens. I do everything, I like everything. I designed sinks, furnishings, hotels, I created a sailing boat from scratch, using, apart from fiberglass, only materials never used before and finding always new solutions”. For Iraci architecture is building, each work is a challenge, each challenge enriching and transforming.
Creativity, genius, innovation, but not intemperance. The groundwork of invention is solid and experimented with calculation and seriousness, studying space and customer.
“My attention for details is almost maniacal, I don’t stand improvisation and I refuse to consider small things less important than big ones” For Iraci details are not simple details, since on them is based and perceived the difference.
Author of a few extraordinary interventions on historical buildings of Catania, Iraci believes that beauty should always be protected, if it is really beautiful, it should have a sense, an order. “If an ancient building is actually ugly, it’s better to bring it down and remake it – said the architect – historical centers should regain rigor, cleanness, as well”.
His passion for marathon, a sport requiring dedication, constant daily exercise and that allows controlling the potentialities of the body and of the mind, tells a lot about the man and the architect.
“It has not always been easy” - said Antonio - "the marathon taught me regularity, never giving up, even facing the most hard challenges. Insist, results will be there. It happened with Archlinea as well. Not many would have believed in such a pioneering architecture in Sicily, but as a marathoner I knew that strength together with a real passion always brings results”.
Concerning one of the last works in Belgrade, here there is an altogether expression of Made in Italy. “The idea of a Made in Italy architecture is important for those who try to do their work at best and with passion - said Iraci – like working with companies that give you the full display of the product, without shadows”. Iraci talks of Gessi, the company he visited and its staff: “Gessi has intrinsically an architectonic value and a design value, a greatly conceived water production machine. Designing a home– the architect goes on – especially in the bathroom, which is the wellness place regardless of any boundaries, cannot go without quality and sustainability”.