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Ideal suites, luxury suites, private spas and their amazing architecture comprise elements in the story of an imaginary journey to the D'Luxhotel, the ultimate destination comprised of many visits to many luxurious hotels.


This deluxe imaginary place offers a universe of inspiration to Gessi as it continuously focuses on the renewal and creativity that have brought it global recognition and admiration, and culminated in its winning the prestigious and most coveted international award for design: Red Dot Design Award.  This is the confirmation of Gessi's originality, always looking for innovative and extraordinary products in the world of brands and design.

The philosophy of a company inevitably is expressed in what it represents: a universe of dreams, models, vision and accomplishments.

The topic of the hotel, a place that immediately evokes a journey, becomes the cue for telling a story and presenting a perspective on the world of luxury. Or rather one world of luxury, which is explained through the view of a company whose product designs themselves create luxurious ambiances in the environments they furnish.

It is a story and a vision that also is evoked through the eyes, the creations and the emotions of those architects and designers who interpret the designs of Gessi, incorporating them in the most beautiful spaces of the world.

The concept of luxury nowadays includes the dimensions of time and space, and the D'Luxhotel from Gessi shows how this concept comes to life in the most authentic way. Luxury is the amount and quality of time dedicated to oneself in spaces of one's own, where you can enjoy moments of indulgence to relax, appreciate beauty and re-balance.

D'Luxhotel provides a unique interpretation of these "private spaces." In a world of "seven-star" hotels and spas, they are sought out as places where one's personal needs, beyond the everyday functional level, are satisfied at a more emotional level.
The hotel becomes therefore a metaphor of an "extra-ordinary" place recalling the figure of a modern traveler engaged in rediscovering the pleasure in all that is exclusive and rewarding: the pleasure of beauty and excellence of mental and physical well-being.

D'Luxhotel is a world made of places, objects, persons, situations, ambiences, and states of mind. A world that unfolds along an ideal path through rooms, environments and encounters as amazing as epiphanies, and a journey that is evidently above all a voyage within ourselves.