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The colors of Rome in a home near the Coliseum Roma, Italy
Filippo Bombace - Oficina de arquitectura
Gessi Products:

A window on one of the most popular scenarios in the world becomes the main theme around which the interior design of a small flat positioned right in front of the Coliseum developed. The desire to reverberate the unique and simultaneous view of most of Rome’s monumental heritage led the architect to suggest open and innovative project proposals with colors and materials evoking that heritage. Antique green, shades of Roman paving’s grey, travertine beige, cardinal’s violet are quoted in the lining fabrics, the large wall painting (architect’s drawing), rigorous geometries shape the furniture and the lining materials, the dining area, following the play of chromatic quotations, is fitted with a showy yellow green table in MDF. The kitchen, open and in direct communication with the living, is placed yet in a naturally separate area, the surface with the integrated steel sink is fitted with a Progressivo by Gessi. Both bathrooms, furnished with the Gessi Rettangolo Collection, are accessible through sliding doors from the mezzanine corridor leading to the bedrooms; the sequence of doors once more quotes the basic colors of the process. Somehow not to hinder the already sprightly chromatic play in the living room and in the corridor, the bathrooms are both fitted with a monochromatic coating in industrial slate, just stroked with portions of wall in yellow green (his bathroom) and lilac (her bathroom). The same chromatic references are resumed in the bedrooms (alternatively green and lilac), whereas again the grey colors with many shades the master room; here the bed wedges below the small belvedere mezzanine, necessary for the visitor to enjoy the celebrated landscape or to get into the small poetic study area hoisted on the same deck.