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Chiattone, renovation of a 100-year boat Roma, Italy
Luca Braguglia
Gessi Products:

A 100-year tugboat, originally steam powered, whose historical traces have gone lost, a ship falling in love with it, an eclectic architect: here are the ingredients that brought new life to "Chiattone” (large flat boat). Dating back to 1912, the tugboat was laying nearly abandoned, though it kept its elegant forms and traditional taste. Its renovation therefore was made with a spirit close to that of industrial archeology, with an excellent result extremely interesting for a refined nautical public. The intervention clearly modified the final intended use that became that of a daily cruise, therefore a pleasure craft for lovely cruises. The external structure was intentionally left intact, fitting the large spaces as sun decks; the interior design is brand new, with an intentional minimalist approach and introducing valuable sculptural objects. To keep the “antique taste” of the old craft, architect Braguglia, in charge of the renovation, largely used etched iron structures with corten effect; they include an actual sculpture, the wonderful partition of the shower that folding horizontally becomes a surface for the sink on which, keeping its sculptural value, is positioned an over-top of the Rettangolo Collection (photos courtesy: Beatrice Pediconi).