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Loft Palazzo de’ Nobili Lucca, Italy
Pietro Carlo Pellegrini
Gessi Products:

Pietro Carlo Pellegrini, based in Lucca, is the architect who signed the project of renovation of Palazzo de’ Nobili, an ancient patrician building in the centre of Lucca. The entrance to the building opens on the unitary big space of the sitting room, a sleight of hand to emphasize the weft of the roof, completely restored with wood and terracotta, by tradition. The architect has played with the off-scale effect, stippling the space with macro figures, as architectural elements that design an internal landscape. Few clear examples, the black mosaic background with a blow-up of Napoleon by Canova, which incorporates also the television set, the steel fireplace-sculpture hanging from the ceiling, the light gauze curtains acting as a long natural light spreader. Finally, the design is another important element of this project and shows the big passion of the owner for furniture, with strong matching of 60’s masterpieces (“Cactus” by Gufram) and contemporary elements (giant vases by Serralunga, the maxi-alcove by Philippe Starck for Cassina). A transparent wall separates the sitting room from the kitchen, Boffi, with wall units and furniture in bright white and a big black kitchen island with cooking stove, sink, a small table and Gessi taps, Rettangolo for the Kitchen and Just Colour. The bathroom is surprising: completely lined with mosaic “Decoro” by Bisazzi, gives a sensation of exclusive sobriety. On the white stone basin placed on a black surface, taps “Rettangolo T” by Gessi