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A chalet in Meribel Meribel, France
Thierry Lemaire, Claire Van Der Meersche
Gessi Products:

It is love at first sight, when Claire Van der Meerschen and his husband decide to buy a stock of wooden planks belonging to an ancient Canadian barn, even if they won’t make use of it immediately. After a while the couple finds its dream châlet in Méribel. Claire, in cooperation with Thierry Lemaire, a designer specialised in châlet restyling, is able to convert the 400 square metres in a luxury loft. Finally, the ancient Canadian planks find a new placement in the internal walls, built-in wardrobes and kitchen furniture. Thierry Lamaire is in charge of the internal concept, while Claire takes care of the design personalisation. The outcome of their cooperation is a purified décor, a white basis with a palette of simple building materials: wood, leather, pottery, Plexiglas. The result is a châlet lined in grey colour, in contrast with usual mountain style. In this neutral ground it is possible to attempt the use of red colour, a tang of black as well as colour contrasts, together with some design accents in the furnishing. Claire Van Der Meerschen intends of small details that make the difference, as the XXL size industrial-looking faucet in the kitchen, a Quadro HT by Gessi, which sets the “rough luxury” tone of the environmet. Gessi, Rettangolo Doccia and XL Collections, is also used for all the bathrooms. Claire also likes hunting precious materials, joking with vintage furniture, focusing on simple but chic accessories. Far away from the ostentation of few contemporary châlets, in this case its discreet minimalisms play an important part, as proof that sobriety is the real luxury.