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Home in Bergamo Bergamo, Italy
Oliviero Godi, Exposure Archiects
Gessi Products:

Architect Oliviero Godi had the ”privilege" of designing his very private own bathroom, a space of twenty square meters, where the owner spends at east a quarter of an hour every day to feed his thoughts in peaceful solitude. As a passionate reader, he equipped it with a chaise longue and a small library with nearly eighty volumes in the very bathroom. Some spotlights illuminate a Chinese painting and a white marble counter top which is actually the old street sign of the very street of the home. One of the walls, which are five-meter long, is entirely glazed and it overlooks a small inner courtyard with a big weeping willow. At night, the outside LED spotlights, rigorously fed by solar panels, make the cold moonlight filter through the skylight and the large glazed windows. The washbasin consists of a 19th-eentury Tunisian terracotta jar with an illuminated bottom. Water flows from the ceiling through a pipe shaped spout which nearly reaches the basin’s mouth. The neat ceiling mounted spout is operated through a remote handle. Both are amazing designs by Gessi. The shower has no enclosure and consists in a very large squared showerhead embedded in the middle of the ceiling. The wow effect is enhanced by a LED spot concealed in the floor which illuminates the small falling drops from below. The floor itself is peculiar as it is made of raw Bangheray wood strips. The joint is left empty just in the shower area in order to allow for a drift of the water. As every proper bathroom features a bathtub, this is no exception, yet the architect wanted it embedded in the floor, clad in emerald green vitreous mosaic by Bisazza. It’s a real treat for the eyes. Even the bathtub's taps, belonging to the Rettangolo Collection by Gessi, as the rest of the bathroom fixtures, are built in the floor with a really clean overall effect.

Photographer :
Oliviero Godi