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Top International Meeting


A review of meetings, with different contents and audience, united by the same purposes: to represent the social-economic reality of entrepreneurs that, in this period of uncertainty, are strong and brave enough to invest and to plan some actions to find new markets. The leading players of the emerging countries met in Gessi, to discuss about international strategies and common visions.

Define the Right Strategy

Paul Krugman was quite clear: “the present time is negative but we know for sure that future will be even worst”. Without any winning strategy we will be sucked into this negative whirl. The first suggestion is clear and Taleb underlines it: “AVOID DEBTS!”.  All civilizations were affected by deep depressions due to debts, but it is also true that the biggest fortunes were made in the same period. This is just one of the main topics of last TOP INTERNATIONAL MEETING.

The Net Generation

Social networks, personal websites, blogs, which is the best way to communicate with customers and, first of all, to interact with them? It's undeniable that the future is in this sector and it can represent a great advantage for our activity. Having a good product or a good knowledge is not enough if this is not matched with a good communication.

Who is the net generation?

The first generation that reached maturity in the age of digitalisation, giving life to a global cultural longlasting new phenomenon. For the first time in history, young people have become real authorities and are changing every aspect of society. A community of keen minds, skilled at developing new ways of thinking, interact, work and socialise. “If you understand the Net Generation’s rules, you have the key to understand the future”.