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What is Gessi Academy?

Gessi Academy is an international community where people from all over the world have the possibility to meet, sharing their experience, taking advantages of their cultural and social differences. Gessi Academy is an evolving entity, a supplier of ideas, information, talents and emotions able to create unconventional languages, new visions and revolutionary strategies. It is an exclusive place where everybody has the opportunity to learn, to reflect, to stimulate each other making the difference and going beyond their limits.

For detailed programme please contact: academy@gessi.com

In this changing world, we can choose either to keep on doing the same things or to change our vision and face the new future scenery. Archivision is a training course dedicated to professional people who see things from a different perspective, approaching the design world through the use of a “lateral knowledge”. Beyond the traditional skills acquired thanks to the institutional culture, our invitation is to learn concepts outside our usual field, having the opportunity to create always something new.

The World Business Forum 2011 at its 8th edition has been gathering in Milan the most important thinkers and business leaders of our time, creating an enormous opportunity of sharing and learning. About 500 companies will take part to this event with more than 1800 people. A great experience offered to people who are goal-oriented; a platform of ideas and trends that defines the business of the future.

We want to share this space together with all those professionals and partners that we had the pleasure to meet and interview during the last months. Enjoy the memories of the Gessi Experience and send us you feedbacks, your comments and your impressions.