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Archivision In-Depth Analysis

We can understand things real value only analyzing them deeply. Knowing what there is behind a product and what is its production process is essential to understand that the value of a product does not come only from design, technology and aesthetics.
This is the reason why, we have decided to show everybody our ideas, philosophy, company, showroom and, first of all, people. There are many architects who visited us and shared their vision with us, leaving a tangible evidence of their coming.
Most of these ‘traces’ turned into business relationships, friendship or mutual esteem. Many thanks to all the professional people, who gave a personal contribution (in emotion and knowledge) to these 2 “in-formation” days. We renew the invitation to come and visit us to all people, we haven’t had the pleasure to host yet.

Home Psycology
Prof. Donatella Caprioglio

Professor in psychology at the Sorbonne University of Paris, Prof. Donatella Caprioglio talks about home and its rooms, through the experienced eye of a professional person. Spaces change as people do, that’s why we have to keep on wondering “what do we want from and in our house”. Most of the times, projects don’t take into account these psychological aspects; The trend is to fill places with objects that have little to do with people’s personality, instead of representing it.

Substainable Economy
Prof. Dipak R. Pant

The new Italian Renaissance cannot disregard the sustainable economy. This is the thought of the Nepalese economist Dipak Pant, supporter of an architecture which uses alternative energy sources, exploits natural resources and makes use of an “eco-friendly technology”. Nowadays, people who work in the Wellness field, have to take into account the environment respect and the opportunity of reducing energy consumption. In this case, we talk about architects’ ethic responsibility.