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Over time, Gessi has developed its own design language, distinguished and characterized by its essential lines and its appeal to naturally empathic primary shapes.

The extreme attention to detail, the perfect harmony of the contours and proportions and the resulting clean lines are the characteristics that render each Gessi product unique.

The stylistic research that's carried out by an internal design team, with in depth knowledge of the Company's production processes, has yelded a history of innovation, as well as a product portfolio that consistently reflects Gessi's style and its exceptional production know-how. Each intimately cohesive range of bathroom products reflects the values ​​and styles of its name.

The Company's lengthy creative collaboration with designer and sculptor, Prospero Rasulo, has led to revolutionary lifestyle concepts and splendid designs, which have rendered Gessi ​​a benchmark for the world's most innovative and glamorous interior design elements.

Gessi's creative philosophy looks beyond the mere functionality of the product, and seeks to understand the actual personality of the space in which its products are installed.
In fact, Gessi offers coordinated collections of furnishing elements in matching styles, interpreted according to the typical themes of the "Gessi Signs", including the Rectangle, the Oval and the organic Droplet. All of the elements, from bathroom faucets and accessories to sinks, shower head, mirrors and sanitary ware, share the same essential shapes, clean forms and harmonic proportions, thus exalting the expressive and evocative capacity of each bathroom design.

With a wide range of bathroom models and product lines, Gessi Collections have created new standards for customizing living areas, allowing them to become representations of individual tastes and lifestyles.