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Functional Research and Technology.
True product efficiency

Gessi is dedicated to a product culture that does not merely represent stylistic practice for its own sake. Rather it combines form and function with appeal and technology, with the goal of improving an individual's quality of life and well-being. This has always been the distinguishing element of the Company's mission.

The internal Research and Development Centre interprets the creative energies of the designers, and directs them towards the actual needs of the consumer.

Gessi's substantial investments in research and development have always been geared towards producing bathroom products and systems of exceptional aesthetic value, while ensuring ease of installation and low environmental impact. Products and systems with value-added features and extremely practical characteristics, which are easy to use and make use of innovative technologies and materials.

In order to ensure their absolute technical perfection prior to being launched on the market, each product and technology is subjected to careful research, followed by a lengthy period of development.

The Company's technological research is currently focused upon developing innovative mechanisms for limiting drinking water consumption, energy consumption and pollution.