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Using advanced technologies and innovative processes, while constantly adhering to its strict policies and often exceeding regulatory requirements, Gessi reaffirms its objective to preserve the environment, to create kitchen and bathroom products of unparalleled quality and to promote workplace health and safety on a daily basis.

Gessi has always been highly dedicated to "green" production practices. The Company has been seriously involved in researching and developing technological and technical solutions for its products and processes for years. These aimed at reducing consumption and minimizing environmental impact, while maintaining the highest levels of aesthetic design and offering new and innovative solutions every season.

Every Gessi creation offers the added value of integral and genuine "Made in Italy - Made in Gessi" production processes.

Gessi's production philosophy focuses on the individual and the pursuit of total quality: in the processes, the products and the work that is carried out, with special attention to the environments in which people live and work.

With national and international certifications for products and processes, Gessi not only conforms to the requirements, but often exceeds the quality, safety and protection regulations issued by the certification bodies.