Imagine a blade of water in nature: a wonder that gives a feeling of peace, well-being, tranquility, but also order and purity. This wants to be Cascata.
A thin slab, flush with the wall, from which springs a precious and "special" source: thanks to the movement, the sound and the ionized air that water produces with its fall, here is wellness for our body and our mind . A well-being, not only emotional, but also physical, due to the beneficial massage on the shoulders, neck, back or ankles. An object with a pure, essential and minimal design.

No built-in part, but an innovative technological solution that gives us an element with a thickness of only 12 mm, easy to install, combinable with all Gessi collections and available in all Gessi finishes. Those who choose Cascata enrich their Private Wellness with a marvelous functionality, without impacting either the architecture of the spaces or the systems.

In the diversity of nature’s watery grace, waterfalls with their graceful patterns and awesome geometric shape present a reassuring sense of order and healthfulness. Their intrinsic aesthetic qualities improve the mood and especially relaxation comes from water producing motion, sound and fresh ionized air in its free fall.

Besides these emotional features, waterfalls produce a beneficial deep tissue massage on the shoulders and neck or ankles. The eye graing Cascata Collection of the Private Wellness Program®, bring these incredible sensations within the private bathroom for a daily enjoyment