Exquisite images of meditation where things experienced are seen, touched and elevated to a pure, authentic essence and a source of tranquillity. A longing for carefulness exposes the soul o fresh thoughts; the quest for beauty is bathed in an experiment of sensible substance, of sumptuous shapes, and challenges the fundamental and amazing breath of nature.

Though polished, high-gloss finishes and gleaming white hues have been dominating kitchen and bath design for some time, dark matte finishes continue to come on strong as one of the biggest trends. Being a neutral, black is never “not in style”, but it’s sure enjoying a moment in the spotlight right now, especially in its subtle matte form. Matte black is expected to grow large in brassware, where it’s a surprising departure from the shiny metal surfaces we’re accustomed to seeing in this domain; juxtaposing mattes with shiny surfaces can create eye-catching opposition. Gessi offers the ideal option for achieving this trend-forward and increasingly popular look with its Total Look Collections, now available in a glamorous matte black finishing.