CRISTALPLANT® is a unique, technologically advanced composite material, consisting of a high percentage of natural mineral charges and of a low percentage of polyester and acrylic polymers of considerable purity; it is an inert material, hypoallergenic and non-toxic, 100% recyclable, fireproof (class 1); it has a great resistance to UVs, it is dense and non-porous, hygienic, durable and pleasant-touching, easy on the hands for its velvety texture, similar to natural stone. CRISTALPLANT® is 100% restorable, since it can be carried over to its original aspect with simple abrasive detergent and sponge, removing even cigarette burns.
A frequent cleaning of CRISTALPLANT® ensures the conservation of its original beauty and prevents wear and tear signs in the course of the time.

Daily maintenance of CristalPlant® is both fast and easy. It is enough to clean CristalPlant® with soapy water or household detergents in order to remove the majority of stains and dirt which are deposited on the surface. The surface is generally resistant to marking; nevertheless, the use of aggressive chemical products such as acetone, trichloroethylene, strong acids is discouraged.

CristalPlant® is a material that is homogeneous throughout its thickness. Scratches, cigarette burns and stubborn stains can be removed, returning the surface to its original beauty, by using an abrasive pad and a household abrasive cleaner.