Gres is a typology of ceramic with dense paste and vitrified structure that guarantees very low porosity and good qualities of impermeability to gas and liquids, acids and dirt.
Glazed gres is obtained through a sintering process of natural argillaceous compositions just like ceramic clays, feldspars, kaolin and sand, raw materials that are originally atomized to become a powder with homogeneous granulometry.
The baking process occurs at a temperature of about 1250 °C in ovens where the raw material is gradually heated at the maximum temperature and gradually cooled at room temperature. The baking process gives origin to the ceramization and vitrification of the paste that becomes strong, impermeable and long-lived.
Gessi Gres is made of natural and really pure materials; colours of natural origin and its surface typically material and pleasing to the touch, give the finishing touches to the aesthetical result.